Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Buddy's Fair Entry

Pretty good for a 6 year old....Buddy loves to put together Leggo kits, and decided to enter an Alligator in this year's fair. Its fun to go into the exhibit hall when you know some of the artists. I also saw many pretty quilts made by some of our guild members. Salem Stitcher even got a ribbon (not suprising to anyone that has seen her work).

I entered the fair as a child...and even got to go to the State Fair once to compete in the 4H Style Review with a Gunnie Sak outfit I made. Remember those....very lacy blouse, quilted jacket with puffy sleeves and a ruffled skirt (I even found it in a box of stuff from my parents house). But what I most remember about that week was eating a bag full of fried mini doughnuts every day and getting really good at the video game Frogger.

Go Postal and I went Sunday and topped off the evening with an Elephant Ear (I am biking tonight to try and get some of the oil globs out of my arteries now) Fun Stuff!


Salem Stitcher said...

My nephews are big into legos now too. I think my parents have spent a small fortune on lego kits.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Somehow I never would have identified you as the owner of a lacy blouse and ruffled skirt eating bags of fried doughnuts, mini or otherwise... great post, Nane. I love Buddy's gator!