Monday, October 20, 2008

Los Lonely Boys in Concert

We saw Los Lonely Boys in Aheville at the Orange Peel on Saturday night after the day hike. We had just enough time to eat noodles at Dok Cheys first...yum.

This is a great venue, just look how close we were. I only had my phone on my camera to take this shot. If you like Stevie Ray Vaughn (which Go Postal does) you would really love this band. They are three brothers from Seminole Texas and they ROCK!

Whole Wheat and Dairy Queen sat down on a bench where they could still hear but not have to stay on their feet and listen to the extreme bass. They had about as much fun watching the Asheville crowd come in and leave during the concert.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Remember... the ear drums are among the first things to go... huh?

Salem Stitcher said...

We'll have to check them out next time. I love Stevie Ray. I miss him so...