Monday, July 26, 2010

A Goodbye, and a Welcome Home

Many of you know that GP's dad has been in declining health for some time. Saturday night (almost two weeks exactly since we were married) he passed from his earthly home to his one in Heaven. He was a sweet and jovial man and will be missed dearly by his many friends and family. I was blessed to be a part of his life for the last few years and so happy that he was able to be a pary of our wedding day. Love you Poppy

Joe's unit was already scheduled to return from Iraq this week but were to be in de-briefing for two more weeks in Texas. They were able to intercept him in Kuwait and divert him home to be with his family. We joined his plane in Greensboro this morning. Its gives us all a peace to have him home.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Bless you one and all! Praying for God's strength and love to sustain and support you all today and in the difficult days to come.

quiltteacher said...

Sorry to hear about GPs father. I am so happy he got to share in your special day. The pictures of him and the two of you will be even more special, now that he is not with you.

Karen Newman Fridy said...

So sorry to hear this. I'm glad he was able to be a part of your wedding day...I'm sure that meant the world to him and to you both. A special memroy to hold onto.

You will be in our prayers.

OhQuilter said...

So very sorry! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! You and GP have had some very emotional weeks. I'm happy you have each other, your new bond and your faith to guide and support you both thru good times and tough times. Take Care!!

Carrie P. said...

Some good and bad news. So sorry to hear about your FIL but I am so glad for you and GP that he was able to make it to your wedding.
The log cabin quilt is such a great gift for you both.