Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Airplane Ride

Wade did great on his first airplane ride.  Our group left early today for Guangzhou. Here we get a medical test, apply for his immmigrant visa and finally take an oath at the US consulate.  We are in a much more western influenced area for sure.  There is a McDonald's across the street and a Starbucks in the lobby.  I think Mr. Morgan (Krispy Kreme CEO) will understand if I have a latte.

Wade had his first batch of french fries and of course he loved them. He has never had food he has to bite so we will have to watch him close.  I think he was poking the fries through the opening at the back of his palate.  I hadn't even seen this opening until today and it doesn't appear to be a problem.  The cleft team at Baptist will know what he needs next if anything.

He is sure a busy boy and very determined once he sets his mind on something.  Mike hopes that will translate into a good work ethic. ;)
Mmmmm... fries!
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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm with Wade... it's the french fries that get me every time! :)

OhQuilter said...

What a journey for all of you! Still love the smiles and that cute face! Its been great to follow your trip and I can't wait for even more pictures from home!

Becky G said...

He is just adorable! Good luck on your long airplane ride!