Saturday, April 13, 2013

Visit To Henan Museum

 Today we visited a large museum, one of the three largest in China. It's amazing the history this country has and how advanced theor society was even thousands of years before Christ.  We had to buzz through many rooms as Wade didn't nap.  He had the most fun jumping up and down with Daddy in the lobby.

I knew it was inevitable, the travel... the environment... and a little boy with a constant runny nose. I AM GETTING A COLD.  Good thing tomorrow we travel to our last city.  Tonight we can pack and try to rest.
The parents are wearing me out!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That bottom photo cracks me up; and oh, how I love the smiles! Take good care of yourself, rest is a precious commodity for Moms. Hugs~

OhQuilter said...

Who didn't believe it would eventually come down to that last photo and caption! Too Funny! Take care!

Becky G said...

His smile cracked me up! I laughed right out loud. He looks so relaxed... Especially sprawled out in the stroller... Not a care in the world. Thanks for sharing! Traveling mercies!

Special K said...

I LOVE how happy he is! I look so forward to meeting this little dumpling!

Anonymous said...

Leanne, thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures with us. We love the pictures of your happy little boy. Can't wait to see him.