Monday, April 15, 2013

One Week As A Family

Our scared little boy that didn't want his clothes off a week ago now laughs through bathtime and likes to stand in front of the mirror with his shirt off and beat on his chest.

We really don't have much left to do until our US Consulate appointment on Thursday where we get Wade's visa and we take his citizenship oath.  Today he had a medical screening.  What a scene!  12 families.  Taking theor children to three stations where they checked very basic vitals.  Wade only got upset with one Dr. that used a tongue depressor to look inside his mouth.  Anyone over two had to have blood drawn for a TB test so we were lucky to skip that one.

Tomorrow we take a city tour and have a dinner cruise on the Pearl River in the evening.  These outings cost a little extra but we hate to miss out on seeing more than the hotel.  Wade seems to nap ok in the stroller and we haven't really gotten into a routine yet but all that can come when we get home.

Mike is about a day behind me on the cold but I hope we can both get past the worst of it before the long trip home on Saturday.


Greta said...

I am glad that Wade has made the transition so well. I can't wait to meet him. I hope you enjoy the rest of the time in China and have a safe trip hime.

Becky G said...

He seems so very comfortable being held. Bless his caregivers. My heart fills with joy with each new post. Congratulations!